The Teaching Brush is a non-profit group that brightens up the barren, rundown walls of India's government schools with murals of educational content. These murals are in the central high-traffic areas of the school where the children will be able to see them multiple times every day. Our goal is to create a colorful environment and, at the same time, educate the children subliminally.

The idea struck in the summer of 2018 while contemplating activities for the summer. I love art and wanted to use it to make a difference. I had taught in government schools for underprivileged kids. It was a very gratifying experience, but I remembered how rundown and drab the schools are.  Putting the two together was easy and that’s how “the Teaching Brush” came into being.


Children in India are seldom exposed to the arts, which negates the innate creativity of many. Even worse, government schoolchildren only attend school for free meals. They do not pay attention in class and have a very low attention span (I speak from the experience of teaching them). As a result, the idea of combining the arts and studies was born: I wanted to go to government schools all over Bangalore, with a group of volunteers, and replace their stark and unkempt walls with colorful and vibrant educational murals.
To set the course of the project required three crucial necessities: materials, sponsors and volunteers. Two of which, with the aid of Rotary Interact, were found with ease. To find volunteers was like finding a pin in a haystack. People were not willing to devote hours of their time to this idea. Therefore, I requested for the aid of my classmates with the very persuasive phrase, "It counts for CAS!". In the next few days, I had about twenty volunteers. We were finally ready to commence the project.
On June 30th 2018, the dream blossomed into a reality. With the help of Rotary Interact and Berger Paints, we finally embarked on our journey to transform the schools of Bangalore.

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